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Start accepting cryptocurrency today. Sanctuary DEX offers a variety of products and services built for merchants like you.

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Signup or register now to become a part of our Merchant Program that allows vendors like you to begin accepting cryptocurrency as payment. We offer solutions for small and large companies alike to accept all types of cryptocurrency. Create custom signage for your business that allows customers to tap and pay for a quick and easy interaction.


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Why use Sanctuary Merchants

As a merchant you might be why it is time to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment? This seems too futuristics, right? As inflation impacts our physical currency the need to move to more secure payment options becomes clear. Accept dozens of popular cryptocurrencies today in our private, safe, and secure payment system.

Sanctuary DEX’s Merchant Services




Merchant Payment Signs

As part of our Merchant Payment Services we offer payment signs that allow users to quickly scan a QR code to pay for goods and services. Our secure software allows users to privately transfer cryptocurrency equal to the price of the products. Our app is designed with a user-friendly interface for quick and easy transactions. Click to learn more.

If you have questions regarding our Merchant Services, please let us know. We are here to answer all your questions.